Welcome to Steadfast Personal Protection Services (PPS)


Whether protecting dignitaries, executives, celebrities, or your family, our team has the expertise and experience to offer a broad array of protective services. Whatever situation you are in, or trying to avoid, we can help. 

One of our Protection Specialist's will meet with you to discuss, evaluate and review your situation.  The Agent will then complete a full operational plan that will best fit your needs and situation.

Some of our past PPS client's include:  An American Idol winner, NASCAR Driver, and local Executives who experienced threats of bodily harm

Our V.P., Leroy DeVore has been on high profile PPS details to include a famous singer and celebrity/actor, and can offer you years of highly respected experience and knowledge

  • Executive Protection & Bodyguard Services
  • Armed & Unarmed Details
  • Uniformed & Undercover Details
  • Asset Protection
  • Asset Transport Details
  • Loss Prevention
  • Stalking & Threat Assessments
  • Risk & Vulnerability Assessments




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